Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs keep you stuck in a rut and only lead you to dead-ends.

“I’ll never get this.”
“I’m always late.”
“I wish.”
“I’m not good with money.”

Well, you can get this. Hunt for a different explanation, a different perspective, a different angle, a different process, a different mindset. Sooner or later, you or someone else will crack that tough nut.

You can be punctual. Commit to plan ahead and obey/follow the plan you’ve devised. Start the night before with a list and timeline of all the items/events/expectations of the following day. If you can see it on paper, rehearse it in your mind, the likelihood of your plan materializing is much higher.

Wishes can come true. You have to move the thought past the wish phase to the action phase. Figure out how many steps exist between a dream and its reality. Begin by tackling the very first step with faithful tenacity. As long as there’s still breath in you, chances are you may live to see your wish come true.

Well, you can be good with money. All it takes is an initial decision to change your money habits beginning today. Do you know what and how long it takes to save $1000?

1 dollar a day for 1000 consecutive days.
10 dollars a day for 100 days.
100 dollars a day for 10 days.
1000 dollars today.

Or a slew of other options and patterns in between.

The point is, it can be done. You can be good with money too. You can learn to give, save, invest, avoid debt, pay bills, build wealth, manage a diversified portfolio, run a successful business. It takes a new belief that in turn transforms behavior.

Whether it be knowledge, punctuality, a wish, money, or what-have-you, say goodbye to your limiting beliefs today. They are to progress as cancer is to healthy cells.7E224CBD-7040-4639-AEEE-FDEAAE05BCC3.jpegThis is a picture I took while visiting the Hearst Castle in California this past summer. It reminds me of the dire necessity we all have to rid ourselves of limiting beliefs.

It was a huge undertaking to build a castle on a huge hill where tons of materials had to be flown in and transported up steep and sinuous roads. It took years upon years. But now so many decades later it stands as a monumental reminder of what can happen when a person says no to limiting beliefs.

What’s keeping you enslaved today?

Author: Louima Lilite

I am a husband, dad, musician, teacher, friend, and confidant who loves to learn about and implement principles of freedom in all areas of life—be it money, spirituality, relationships, or health, etc.

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